How to add share buttons to blogger?

How to add share buttons to blogger? 如何在blogger中添加分享按钮,比如说添加微信分享按钮。 传统的blogger分享按键是不全的,而且通常只有国外常用的平台,没有微信这些分享功能。 本文将介绍如何使用Add This 来实现这样功能。 Register []( Tools -> Add New tool If you want to customize share buttons by yourself, select "Selected by you". Press "Update tool" after you finishing selecting your buttons. floating Get the code select "Add HTML website": ![Get code]([email protected]/sharethis_getcode.png) copy this code. Paste the code to blogger ![paste code to blogger]([email protected]/sharethis_code2blogger.png) Sample ![demo]([email protected]/sharethis_sample_demo.png)

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