Git: how to deploy to gh-pages branch?

## Method 1 ```sh git checkout gh-pages git checkout -- git add . git commit -m "update" git push git checkout master ``` ## Method 2 - ```sh git checkout master # you can avoid this line if you are in master... git subtree split --prefix dist -b gh-pages # create a local gh-pages branch containing the splitted output folder git push -f origin gh-pages:gh-pages # force the push of the gh-pages branch to the remote gh-pages branch at origin git branch -D gh-pages # delete the local gh-pages because you will need it: ref ``` ## Method 3 ```sh git push origin `git subtree split --prefix dist master`:gh-pages --force ``` ## Method 4 - ```sh git subtree push --prefix gh-pages ``` ```sh #!/bin/sh if [ -z "$1" ] then echo "Which folder do you want to deploy to GitHub Pages?" exit 1 fi git subtree push --prefix $1 origin gh-pages ``` git gh-deploy path/to/your/site ![yubao_blog_cover](

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