Doxygen: 为您的项目生成API文档

Doxygen # Install doxygen ```sh sudo apt install doxygen* ``` # How to use doxygen - Step 1: Creating a configuration file ```sh doxygen -g ``` config-file: ```sh INPUT = ../src GENERATE_LATEX = NO OUTPUT_DIRECTORY = PROJECT_NAME = "RGBD SLAM v2" FILE_PATTERNS # If the EXTRACT_ALL tag is set to YES, doxygen will assume all entities in # documentation are documented, even if no documentation was available. Private # class members and static file members will be hidden unless the # EXTRACT_PRIVATE respectively EXTRACT_STATIC tags are set to YES. # Note: This will also disable the warnings about undocumented members that are # normally produced when WARNINGS is set to YES. # The default value is: NO. EXTRACT_ALL = NO ``` - Step 2: Running doxygen ```sh doxygen ``` - My example: API document for [rgbdslam_v2]( API document for [ORB SLAM2]( # Reference - [Getting started]( -

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