These are my projects I am developing. ## RDS-SLAM ### Demo - Real Environment: [Youtube-Mask R-CNN + Kinect]( - TUM Dataset (Mask R-CNN): [Youtube-walk xyz]( - TUM Dataset (SegNet): [Youtube-walk xyz]( RDS-SLAM: TUM walk_xyz Dataset Evaluation (Mask R-CNN) RDS-SLAM: Realtime Demo Using Kinect (Mask R-CNN) ### Paper Y. Liu and J. Miura, "RDS-SLAM: Real-time Dynamic SLAM using Semantic Segmentation Methods," in IEEE Access, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3050617. ```sh @ARTICLE{9318990, author={Y. {Liu} and J. {Miura}}, journal={IEEE Access}, title={RDS-SLAM: Real-time Dynamic SLAM using Semantic Segmentation Methods}, year={2021}, volume={}, number={}, pages={1-1}, doi={10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3050617}} ```sh ## RTS-vSLAM This project aims to do semantic segmentation in real-time using ROS action or service. There are two modules: client and Server. The client will send the source image to request the semantic label from Server. Client-side does not need to deploy GPU. The server is designed to conduct semantic segmentation using GPU. 客户端: 定閱圖像topic,向服務器端實時發送語義分割請求; 服務端: 對圖像進行segmantic segmentating並返回分割結果; 客戶端與服務器可以運行在不同的主機上,本程序使用ROS進行通信;這樣客戶端並不需要配置GPU. ## MaskRCNN-ROS - Demo 1 - Demo 2 ## Geometry Visualization Calculate and visualize Quaternion and Rotation matrix using Euler Angle (yaw, pitch, roll). - Github: ![Geometry Visualization](